Switzerland Silver 5 Francs coin, minted in 1851.

Switzerland Helvetia coins chf 5 Swiss Francs franken Silver coin
Switzerland Helvetia coins - 5 Swiss Francs Silver coin
Switzerland Swiss franc chf silver coins money currency
5 Swiss Francs Silver coin
Switzerland coins CHF 5 Swiss Francs Silver coin, minted in 1851.

Obverse: Helvetia seated left, resting arm upon Swiss shield and raising right hand. Mountains in background, agricultural objects behind her.
Comment: Privy marks (pointing hand / oil-lamp) of the Paris mint in exergue.

Reverse: Denomination (5 Fr.) and date (1851) in two lines. All within wreath. Mint initial (A) of the Paris mint below.

Mint Place: Paris (A, privy marks: pointing hand / oil-lamp)
Reference: Davenport 376, Divo 295, HMZ 2-1197b, KM-11. R!
Weight: 24.94 gram of Silver (.900)
Diameter: 37 mm